A Lonely Sunday

I want to learn to surf
Drift outlandishly by Portugal Waves
Play with the wind
Sift through the Stars at Sun’s demise
But only with you.
You are distant, unobtainable
You make all my frowns, a delight!
You make my morals spin round
Now you’re gone
Home to Solitude
Lonesome in thought…

Maybe I should be in doubt
That you are seldom distraught
What ridicules do I answer,
When you have left me
Waiting without anyone to banter!
My cat purrs in anticipation
While I stay awake
Distracting myself –
With Self-Regulation and the Brain
Waiting for a momentum;
Waiting for the piano to quiet down
Deep beneath…

I predict silent waves
With a crow knocking on my window pane


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