Time or distance does not make my love go away
It is only our strength, our commitment and trust
Without which, you know I will walk away.
Our Sabbatical seemed an eternity, my love you changed me.
I will be your lover, your best friend, just let me be
And trust in me for I am strong for the both of us!
I shall succeed in stopping you from bleeding in misery
You shall not bleed, broken in sighs and tied to your responsibility
You shall be freed from duties only if you change your mind
Only if you keep your heart from melting into impossibility.
You shall never find hardships again for I have faith
That you shall pass judgement to make your family content
Do not stay hellbent and repent
I shall hold you if you cry inside your own head
Just fantasize me bathing you and washing you from your grief
Your sins are now mine and your wounds shall become ours
We shall find the nightmares, we shall let our sleeps take the toll.
I shall wait for you to come to me, you shared the same air as me
You shall share lot more than moments and stay within my arm lengths
So I can sing you a lullaby, I can help you fall asleep.


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