For All Loves in Woe

For every mile you have walked away from me
I find a reason that makes our love seem found.
For every moment we shared together,
I relive the moment to make it last forever.
For every time we looked into each other’s eyes
I found your soul singing me a sweet love symphony.
An epiphany! I suddenly see my soul dying slowly
Talk to me, love! I can hear you silently scream,
I can hear you fight a battle within,
I can taste the metallic blood… in my MOUTH?
You wounded me when I felt you breaking your own heart
You are bound by law, and I am bound by fate’s own law.
Your absence does not provoke me,
the distance does not wound me.
Yet, there is no words that can express how
My heart can feel you calling out for me
I will accept everything that is rightfully yours!
It is only the sound of your heart crying for me
That makes me cry every time I sleep at night,
That makes me wish you were home in bed with me tonight.

I find it hard to believe that
I am calm and I am in peace.
Maybe I know, because I can feel our love alive.
Deep inside, I find a telepathic vibe calling me;
Soulmates can be hard to find but
When I found you, I have no more reason to be blue.
I am a woman bound by my dreams and my reality
When you became my reality, my rock,
How can you expect me to let go?
Why can’t you feel me cry out for you?
How can I let you know that I love you?
There is worse fate than what is ours
I seek only your happiness and you seek time
Make me happy and rest your soul within my beating heart
There is much left for you to say, yet, you keep me at bay.
Please let me in, do not try to push me away!
There is much to do and much more adventure that awaits!
Time can be our best friend or our worst enemy,
You let me know when you decide what you want to keep:
Keep my heart waiting or keep yours from beating.


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