Regretting my decisions

I keep wanting to
Start a new escapade
I tell the world who you are
And realize it’s all just a big mistake.

With deep condemn and a
High hope for improvisation
I taste you till I find content
Then disapprove your influence.

My heart keeps hoping
My blood runs sweeter and warmer
My love flows again
Until my brain makes it stop.

Here I am stepping out,
Out of my comfort zone !
Back in my square once again,
Back here, hiding alone.

I want you to only be mine,
But my crazy will never stop.
You don’t deserve this crazy,
You deserve the best of all.

Unhappy with my decision
I pray you to stay off my mind
Eventually I will find myself
While you will find your true other self.

*heart spilt for the one that I wished was mine*


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