Mistakes (Corrections)

Just when I tried to protect my heart
I fell into a trap that I set for others to fall in
There is no Wine or Cigarettes that is helping me
Who are you and why do you (let me) do this to myself?

You (I) ruined my rhyme schemes and my style
You (I) tainted my heart with more remorse
And yet, (I let) you stay true to your mind
When your heart (may have) pointed to another dimension…

When shall you return it back to me?
Give me my tongue so that I can speak!
Refund me my the membership deposit;
I did not receive the pleasures of talking to you.

(There is nothing worse than a blame game
Right NOW, I do not know who or what to blame!
Was it the alcohol? Or, was it the courage to risk?
There is no end to this amendment; no closure.)


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