Tears to Bloodshed

May your stars align with your heart, for all there is, is solitude and walls.
May the bridges to your heart conjoin with those worthy of your love.
May change stay as beautiful as wind beneath your feet.
May the Earth stay firm while you weep and keep you afloat.
May your journey be better and your tomorrow keeps more hope than sorrow.
May the hands that stay firm let go of the past and let go of what was truly lost.
May your future be ignited as infinite energy stay at steady course.
Hope your prayers to find closure from those who weep stay incomplete,
As there is only hope that is certain and no promises to behold
Keep your choices at close, keep your regrets at arms length.
When they retaliate, they shall help you burn away your walls and build bridges.
Truly and deeply..

*note: this poem means more loss and suffering to those who choose to end Friendship the hard way*


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