Requiem to Alchemy

There are some people that I truly miss,
There are some that have lost in that thousandth kiss;
For that brother who solemnly promised to never say goodbye,
To that friend who promised to never leave my lonely side.
There is the truth, and then there is the reality.
There are myths and there are legendaries.
To what I owe my deep condolences, that I never understood:
The wrath, the pride, the gluttony
The power to Greed and the power to sloth, the pride and envy;
Those sins that I learn through other’s eyes!
But sadness is struck all around us
And we got no time but to indulge ourselves into our lonesome grieving;
Deep into the labyrinths of love,
We leave our sorrows with our needs to keep numb.
I shall not lose my ability to fight,
I shall not let go my power to strive;
There shall be ink flowing like my able heart inside.
And, to all those who decide to leave me aside;
Be gone, for there is no need left – no more for you to fight !
When this war of our bond never was built,
You broke the bridge down, before it ever was built.
Lonesome, but yet, I rather stay alone than to engulf your lies;
Treason may be in your blood, but there is not even a drop of it in mine.


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