A Temporary Falter

Reflecting back to the times I felt lost;
Thinking back from all those tainted tars;
There has been a hole in my heart;
There has been a blot in my thought.
Do I try and say goodbye and wash it off?
Do I rebuild that hole with foam and seal?
Time can fly, wind is picking its pace.
The storm is trying to take it’s fame.
Can I run and hide?
Can I give up this fight?
Should I postpone this end or prepone to present?
Should I unleash my mind and hit arrows at hearts?

Hearts can be broken. And tears shall turn to blood.
My mind often drifts to when I shall stop this ponder;
My heart heaves at trying to answers these questions;
Dreams can affect me like a calm before the storm.
Yet, there is another way I can tell myself to stay teal,
I tell myself to refrain from grey, retain my innerself,
Bring out the better for me to see a brighter tomorrow.
As these words flow by, I try to stop myself
From trying to question what I think and list them;
Because an endless questionnaire is like eternity,
No one can finish it, no one is ready to commit to this.

As The Day gets Narrow,the Truth starts to falter.


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