When your Heart Comes Walking Back

When Happiness is so consuming
When you forget that reality exist
When a particular time is multiplied to infinity
When three hours become the joy of your existence
When the sun shines briefly when you are together
When the rain pours, but just after you say goodbye
When that longing touch still could be traced on your skin
When your heart is filled so much with greed
When you dislike trying to step out of that trance
When tears are for the time that you regret It taking place
When you know that there is no tomorrow but
When there is no sweet escape
When your feelings get so strong, in such a short time
When it hurts so hard because the timing is just off
When you know that you are writing without revising
When there is a war within yourself
When you don’t know how to respond tomorrow
When five years are the reason you don’t hold hands
When one year is all that’s left to enjoy togetherness
When goodbye is the end result of all of this taunting
When your heart has left you and slowly walking back
When you hope too much and feel for a future
When you express full emotion for the first time
When your heart is broken even before you gave it away
When everyday starts to become hell
When you want to erase this out of your life but thankful
When you realize that you can feel
When you have finally understood yourself but decide to keep quiet
When you cant sleep because you start to hide
When you are too ashamed to say it out loud
When feelings are more important than a future
When you know he will not take that leap of faith
When you are 18 and you fall in love for the first time
When saying this hurts so much that questioning becomes a true sin;
When you know that you are at the toughest stage of your life.
But,you can never stop him from hurting you more.


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