Can you ?

What do you do when you want to cut your tongue off?
A sudden guilt. A terrible mistake.
A bad experience that turns your throat away.
When our thoughts seize to function.
When your luck turns to Karma
Perhaps, thats when you decide to lock your heart away.

Unlearning the things you learnt, Thinking this is already how
You purposely make myself learn to make misery
When tears fail to stop –
A heart burn that eats your hearty appetite away.

What do you do when you want to jump over a running rain ?
Perhaps, the pain turns to pleasure like an incense flame
When non existence seems more better to potray
When no one is actually standing by your side
There is no happiness is vain.

At last, liberty is at its reach, And
Silence has finally caught your sleep
There is no escape, there is no false pretense
Reeking of guilt and attempting to stay content
Indifference ! Why are you too hard to fake
When worries are a part- your blood, your veins
How do I fare well ? How do I prevail ?
Destiny, why are you putting my life at stake ?


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