If I had a Funeral

If I had myself a funeral,
I’d invite everyone for a fest
I’d share all my memories, my happiness
For those fond memories they’d thank me.

I’d call my loved ones
My bosom cronies. My enemies,
Those who admired and envied me
From afar; Perhaps those too who’d regret to see me.

I’d start with my apologies
For those who found and lost hopes
Who gave in everything they had and dared
Whose commands I’d be unable to make amends.

I’d hope for everyone to smile
I’d hope for everyone to rejoice
I’d hope for all to move on
Because sometimes,  somethings are left unsaid.

I’d hurt myself less often, I’ve said enough !
I’d have to fill myself with my own regrets
Flaws and those bitter sweet excuses
Requesting everyone not to do it themselves.

I’d welcome everyone to find me,
Disturb me in my grave, tell me their worries
As my soul shall definately haunt you,
And I shall be forever and evermore in paradise.

Hating to see anyone cry
On a bash that I’d call a FUNERAL
Laugh it off recollect a memory or two
Just let it all out, until their last breath.

For there is no place for tears and regrets
Holding my last breath,
saving for the very end
Hope to fill my memories in theirs
Leave them content, leave them Emotionless.

That would be my Funeral.


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