The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth 
Slowly unbuttoning, patiently waiting 
This ain’t no story from the beginning
A silent whimper, a deep gash, bleeding slenderly. 
Let me remorse for my dreams have shattered
Let my tears fill streams, cause floods in paths undivine
Cleanse me from my sanity. Let there be a light, lambent, lucent. 
For why shall I rely on my begetter? But for they are my 
propensity – a weakness; no need to make disguise.
They are my inhibitors, they oversee my steps
Steps that go unfulfilled. Bewildered that I am
I cannot bear my wings yet- Pride in my arms
Just amusement in the reflection of those patronizing eyes.
This quench of the thirst can never be satisfied
Buried deep inside are my emotions, 
Soon there will be no infinity, no more territory to hide. 

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