Accept my Souvenir

A gift, a grant , an everlasting gesture
To that someone who loved you truly
But could not seek that pleasure
That appeal of a soothing comfort.

Often , stumbling upon this tough path
I grant thee a chronicle, made of leather
Of love, and a promise of an ever-lasting bond
But I do not seek this anymore.

This would be my gesture, to say good bye
This would be a promise of a relation
Hidden perhaps for the best of each other’s pride.
Do not seek me, for I shall retire in regret.

There is something more that bothers me, for in hell
I reside in pain. There shall be no ever-lasting.
No more to maintain this forever and evermore
Just like every piano has an ending note

I bid thee with a commiting thud,
Forever and Evermore- There shall be no more tranquility
In my heart and soul ; my efforts may be pointless
But I have learnt so much, to keep my heart constant.

I shall wait for you to return, or rot myself to snow
Gifts are meant to commit , for me to abstain till time abides me to do so.


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