Desperate Prayers

For what should I look at those

Who are just responsible for a face value?

He calls himself my guardian,

But he is never there , mentally,

Just to show the world

I am a proud someone.

Should I purposefully throw a tantrum?

Should I leave the door open, for the world to see

How humiliating it is to live with that person

Whose blood runs through my wretched vein?

He Also calls himself a sponsor,

But with no legitimate responsibility!

I need answers for I cannot control my temper!

Nor can I test my patience

Do I live to see myself in pain,

Or run away and defeat the war,

hiding like a prey?

When it shall come again,

There is no place to be sane.

I am waiting for the devil of the night

To take my solitude, those pains away

Please turn into my angel,

Please lead me out of my pretentious disguise.


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