Waiting For Gordot – Forever In hault

Tell Me a Secret?

Is there a paradise in your heart?

Because as impolite as you sound

There is softness in your voice

Do you need to realize that you are

Not just a masterpiece inside,

But also as good as a living god

On the outside?

Why do I think of you?

For the good and the very bad

This often, to let my insanity take over

Am I obsessed or do I just care?

Help me, Guide me, Distract me!

If that pleases you, as I am vulnerable

To that every call of yours

Longing for your sweet voice.

Deranged, they often called me,But

Is this love? Or is this obsession ?

Path, please appear before me!

It is difficult, too late to look back

Just hope you take my hand, tightly in grip,

And never let go, But

What is the truth?

It lies within you and you only!

Please speak up, get me lost

In your vivid sight , for I shall

Get lost in your eyes, and your eyes only

Hoping to wait for your reply, longing to wait forever.


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