A little More about Me

There is so much to describe
So much to point out on
But time , she doesn’t like to wait
She is swift, she is careless,
So, here I am lamenting
At this wasted Blog Space.

I love writing. Be it anything from politics, criticism, to simple emotions that tend to not be as simple for a girl. Like words that can never be taken aback, my love for expression extends to this unconditionally unregrettable. I may be wrong but doesn’t it all revolve around mistakes. Somehow, I like suggestions. So, please contribute to making this Blog much more entertaining , interesting and thrilling.

This is what is left of me.
Bitterness in one glance
delight in the next second
Let me be cheerful
Then love will be what you will get
If sorrow reeks his way to my head
Wait for lament, Wait for condemning utterances
My life is too simple to lose to complexity
Let me be content.


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