To My Sweet Sister

Cozed in my baby blanket,

All my childhood memories flow

Past, moments, memoires like a flashback,

Just come and go.

Like a smooth movement in a duet of a piano

I feel my feelings sway away

Like a rush of adrenaline through my spine

A shock, a shiver, it that comes alive

Through words of uncontrolled and countless words

These peculiar feelings remind me of my sister.

 Half the earth apart from me

With a twelve hour gap

Kind of makes it difficult

To get recent updates from each other

But facebook, skype, twitter and Yahoo

All of them get us attached

Making us closer

Even though we are further apart

Sometimes time clashes

And snow storms occur

It keeps you held up right back at home

It makes it easier for you and me to converse

Although both of us get bored  

Long distances don’t count anymore

Because I feel her presence

Right behind our bedroom door.


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