Thoughts And Assumptions

Your ignorance relieves me 
You dont try to analyze 
Everything I say 
Your laughter calms me 
At least, I know when 
You are mocking me or 
Just sympathizing.

It becomes easy 
To play with your thoughts
I am that fire that can burn 
You down , the soul of 
Compelled destruction 
a poison, incurable.

Although, you call yourself 
Daredevil, you make me wonder 
Of the inaccurate calculations.
A risk indeed , you made 
Your life sound as 
an easy maths sum 
Too busy to realize 
Life is a labyrinth, no shortcuts 
No easy way out.

You might never give up 
Figuring me out 
But, you will make a war
In my mind , just because 
You never listened
To my warning.

I have got my reasons
Thats one reason why 
I have prepared a cremation 
For you, in my mind.

Let’s hope, 
It’s not going to be you 
Who takes place in 
my gloomy, Dark, chaotic
Atmosphere of condensed 
Solitudes, because when you crack 
The code, you will end up 
Letting me go.


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