They Say that the unvisited lonely corners

is dark, gloomy and creepy,

unless they have looked at mine

this beautiful(yet lonesome)

but, completely magical.

No one shall find this place

This is my special


I am concerned about this wide open window

Blue and large, Its hard to avoid

because my eye catches this boy

Everytime, I come here to ponder about.

It never occured to me(until now)

I had never shouted, waving loud

So sorry, Some things aren’t meant to be.


Bricked, mossy,Antique walls

tall with a tinge of sunlight

Kissing its warmth of my forehead

Leaves falling from trees most of the time

It feels like autumn, Just another calm breeze.


I get sad, a little gloomy

My special hang-out

Is resembles me.

The winds calm me down,

Blowing my worries out

Sometimes,thats all you need.



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