My secrets are like the nectar in flower

And the flowers in the garden

Or some sealed in my money bank

Or just hanging outside my window

Some can be flying along with the birds

And along with the chirping too


Some are like nail polish stuck on my nails

Or all over my bedroom floor

Some can be sealed in a book

Or in my old little compass box


Some spread like the perfume fragmented

And some can vanish like the smoke in the air

Some can just lie around the corners

But most of all are rumours

That I intend to destroy

Some are like the scars on my body

Just can’t get off.

Well I gotta say that I have got secrets all over my mind

Dint have enough space

So I let them scatter around


They can spread though the bees

Or can be loosen out of their roots

Some can be cut

To make the roses more beautiful


Some can fly away with the wind

Some are already public 😛

Some can chip through my nails

Or just stay on the floor

Some can be revealed by just flipping through the pages

Some can be borrowed like my stationary


Some can vanish like smoke and perfume

And some might just dilute the acid

Some are scars on my body which can’t go off


But all of them are rumours and none of them are true

It’s just an intention to confuse you

All I gotta say is my secrets are you!



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