My Hiding Place

The rush of waters filled tears in my eyes.It had seemed like the water had appeared out of the horizon, So opaque, so hazel; just permitted my imagination to flow. The glance that I seek from this balcony that overlooks paradise was just exhilarating. It was dusk, and the vibrant green haze shimmered with the sweet song of chirps and tweets. The colour reminded me of his eyes, an acquaintance that was destined; I found him amusing, where his face reflected excitement, his statements so unstable just like the river: so opaque , so natural.


Thin brown sticks, sturdy and vast, I was assured of my safety every day, I had seemed to always stay in my hiding place. The river cut across this evergreen forest where stones made path for the calming waters, my balcony had turned into a staircase and I could, if I wanted to, spend my time in this hiding place.There was an absurd balance. Nature had exaggerated, a thought I kept in constant ponder. 


The sudden change in temperature! At last, i felt the warmth shine into my eyes, like a warming and healing light, washing away sins from my awaiting aurora. The summer had arrived, the instant warmth it filled me with a determination from the cold corners of my life, specifically during the commence of the October. 


I stand here from this balcony, trying to steal as much as energy from the glimmering heat, a sudden jerk from behind me, my sister came to soak some too, i pondered. Her murderous sleep had vanished as she set her eyes on what was I had seen. Her black eyes twinkled as she stressed her mince body on the rails of this balcony that leaped into paradise.From what I could she, her temperament had been a complete different one. Her spring curls fell on her shoulders glittering from this everlasting heat (assuming to live in the moment). 


The telepathic mail box we both shared beeped into each other heads as we stood there glancing at this sight as soon as we observed the browning in the corners of our eyes. We knew we had to soak as much energy that we find because slowly paradise will be balding, soon we had to move out and lament of this locked balcony, in melancholic cries.  


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