Making Amends

While a year is lost, my past is stained
The time has arrived to spend my hours
Amending the mistakes i have made.
For there is no use numbing emotions
Nor there shall be for saving my day
Shall I do this against my routine.
Day-light is wasted thinking of my pride.
Am i to be amazed? for the lies I reiterate,
Suppressing myself , indulging beliefs.
I am no more me, I am just someone you cannot Certify
Save TIME, Its my turn to fight!
Through this dark hour,
How can I let go of my horror,
My fear shall be inclined
Darkness shall be defined.
This shall be a lesson to learn,
This shall invoke self -belief,
This shall wake me up from my own ropes
I shall set myself free, to last much longer.
And then no doubt, my “nurture” shall last no longer;
Today and tomorrow, I shall be the prolonger!

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