Sometimes I really think

Why is this happening to me?

The thoughts that spontaneously

appear in my head

Just rambling it out

As though there is

no one listening to me

I carry hope in myself

Things will get alright

Why this instant thing

just appear in my head

When something sad happens to me

All the other sad depressing things

just come In My head

That guilt ,uselessness,


Another possibility that

I am about to cry

This is not good

Though..inspite of all those

stupid constant reminders  ‘

Was it worth it??’ 

This Question pops in my head

No matter how much I

have searched for that answer

It just went on from

phases to phases

Today,I can say,it was so worth it!

I can say that with my heart.

I can say it out loud.

That It just felt right.

And that everything is in place.


I m different.

I have a purpose. 

I say this to myself all the time

It used to make me fall

Now I can stand up all by myself

Inspire of all those crucial wounds 

And that guilt just 

keeps reducing over time 

Because I get forgiven

And those errors are forgotten

I have been given another chance.

I am just trying to survive.



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