Honey Brown Eyes

Just as pale as the breeze

Smooth as satin silk

A perfect balance to weigh

A ticker that sings honey.

They were sore, honey brown

A fascination simplified,

Mystery and Secrecy’s aura

Lingering forcibly, purposely.

Gleam and glitter,

A gaze of those, that is queer

My heart went sore,

Passion, never so misty.

Blink, and I felt the stars collide.

A soft heartburn inside

But they vented buried burns inside,

Trying to pour through the walls outside.

A temptation, meticulous reflected;

As they glanced back

You could feel your heart stop!

Oh, it’s already empty inside!

Honey Brown tender,

Honey brown sweet,

Honey brown empty!

Try making trails work on this mead.

For he says ” For my heart is been in places

And always came back in pieces”

Wonder is such a wonderful place to be

Think of the heart that lies beneath.



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