From a Sister , To a Sister

Could it be that I was inspired

A long lost whisper, a deep narrow sorrow

Could I still remain by your side

Seeing you fly before your destined tomorrow

I just cant seem to control the tears in my eyes.


A bird, surely did whisper in my ears

you are a doll, an unsolvable mystery

Though you seek to find the joy-est of the joys

I know most, hopefully, what lies

In those Bubbly eyes

Even Your darkest night


Oh Sister, Sweet sister, 

You defined the beauty inside yourself,

Woke the beauty inside me, for I

Was in the midst of darkness, 

Surrounded by fear and there! I laid still

Your kindness, shall never be forgotten.


UnTill the end, I owe you half, 

You ate half of my rotten, 

helping me, parenting me, 

Repeating that I am not forgotten

I knew I did the same, when darkness

bestowed upon your day. So, I was



Sister, Friend and sometimes foe.

And You seem to narrow the wander 

Expand the ponder, in thy sister’s eyes

Day after tomorrow, I know you shall be my side

Although our future is undefined

Think nothing, think no more

Our hands are tied, friendship infinite. 


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