There is a breeze, Wide and distant

There are tears, ever ready to flow down my eyes

The thoughts of being alone

The constant feeling of being left alone

 Is there something I am afraid of?

Maybe someone I am afraid to lose?

Can a heart be stabbed a million times?

By me? And still heel with skins entwined?

Perhaps, this time, amends have been made

Somehow, my heart skips a beat

But I am afraid.

Saying distance is enough,

Not letting myself go, maybe there is no place

Inside that heart.

Did I see hope?

I question myself every moment

My thoughts are channeling to that glint.

Whispers, thoughts, imaginations,

I bid thee not to go wild,

Because there is so much to reality

Fantasy, don’t come and haunt me

The silence of the nights, are the noises of my cries,

Every last hope to relight myself, I push you away,

All of them, haunting my self, making excuses,

Now there is nowhere to hide. 


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