My heart is grieving

The more I talk to him

The more I sulk over what I missed out

I shall never have a chance

I shall never give a chance

My heart is broken

And in time shall break others

In time, closer he gets,

The more distant he will stray.

I crave for it!

In the anguish, I stay awake thinking

Why has this come this way

May the words flow and keep flowing

From one side to the other, and then back again

But what is the chance, for him to mend my heart

What are the chances for him to care for it?

Sewing it slowly, and making sure it doesn’t wander away?

Do I still have that magic in me?

To make sure his pain, sufferings shall go away

I sit here wondering

Why my imaginations flow

Why is my heart waiting?

Why isn’t he making a step

Is he pushing me away?

 I want answers, and I want them now

Maybe, there are no such feelings

I guess I am delusional

I guess it is never impossible. 


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