Cocktail Of Memories

All of this I m to taste

A little bit of recipe to share

Its real or fake that some may know

But that’s what I want to know

My curiosity that holds me up

for a new discovery to do

To find the special ingredients

That has been added to my drink

So don’t waste time

Let’s gulp it down

A secret that’s ought to know

The cocktail of memories

That changed the world

And will be always remembered


I feel little tipsy but don’t tell it to all

Or you would taste the sour part of the drink

So let’s zip it up and gulp it down

And enjoy the glass of cocktail of memories

Don’t forget to pay a check

Because it changed your life

Not that’s worth

And the special ingredient that added to the glass

To add your cocktail a little more taste

And your life more memorable

A little more left in your glass of cocktail

So gulp it down up your throat

And come back again

for a little life in your cocktail of memories

that made your shine out bright.


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