Can You Face The Truth?

There is a tremor; there is a heartbeat

There Is pain, when I see glint In his eyes


Ever heard of emotional disturbances?

 They hike up the sky and

Dig deep in the ground.

They change in a second.

 It’s like a drug. Sadness sinks in.

 Remorse and Grief became

 my second identity. Sometimes,

 I have no idea what I am to do.

Heartburns, they take place suddenly,

Then there is you,

Something that influences me

Few days, I am lost in thoughts,

Perhaps other, when I loose hopes

Why Does this happen to me?

When I cant get myself to think,

I cry; I got no tomorrow?

What is there to see, when I lost all

My hopes of tomorrow.

Agitated, hungry for more

Incomplete, unrequited,

I am not an option,

I am at the latter of my existence.


Then I talk of fascination,

Although I am filled with darkness

I shall not be accepted.

I shall not be appreciated.

While I sit alone,

You there are just “chasse-ing” for more.


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